Join Resquest - JR^- def ..

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nice Join Resquest - JR^- def ..

Post by @JustNothing on Wed Jul 19, 2017 2:12 pm

1. Nick name: J^
2. Real life name(first name enough): Matúš.
3.Age: 13
4.Sex/Gender: Male
5.Points: 140,000+
6.Time: 8d,7h,22min. ( I have low points, i have low skills, i have low time, because i stop play in 2016 december :/ I have reason why i stop play, so, sorry for low points etc., i get more Wink )
7.Wins: 476 ( You know reason why i have low wins already :/ ) REALLY SORRY! :/
8.Play Mode: I playing all gamemodes. Especially shooter, 7towers, osdm, dd, and sometimes DM.
9:Skills/Oshunters/Hunters/Dkills: SKILLS: 3818
                                                           Oshunters: 16 ( I don't play too much osdm. )
                                                           Hunters: 0
                                                           D kills: 38 ( Dont play too much dd )
10.Experience on Miki-Server: Hi, experience on Miki server.. Hmm, so my first play this game was in 2016 JUNE? I don't know. My friend tell me about this game and I say ( WOW xO ) Not really. ;D. So i download this game and start play. I play with him but now he get ban.Very Happy ( Helter ), somebody know him from clan DeF- but he leave this nice clan, and he join to ~gM//. My activity on server is very good i think. Im here like 2-4hours, so everyday. Smile  I'm playing on MSHOST, and 2 others servers. I'm training on others servers. Smile I know admins on miki, very good admin team, Buke, Erosion, Slovakia, Miki.. and others ;D. By the way |SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH! I'm not accustomed to use English. :/ When i start play on miki, I want really join to this clan because there's was Helter, my friend. I know him in real life. He live in same village as me. Very Happy

11.Experience on other Server: So, i said i training on other server, but not too much. I'm playing other game modes like Dayz, Freeroam. I don't like others server because I don't know players, I don't know server, so I don't like too much.. Very Happy

13.Last Clan: ~Go//, uS#, R*, R*..
14.Reason why leave/why you got kick: I don't get kick but i leave some clans.
R* - I stop play in September 2016.
R* - Inactive.
( Not much clans. ) Ik, but that's reasons.

15.Talke about yourself: So hi, my name is Matúš but you know that. Im live in village. Im playing football with my friends if they are not busy. Or i go outside with my dog . I have fun with dog, he so stupid and crazy but whatever. I love him  certificate was good, so im going to 8 class. I can lear fast, but im too lazy, it's just wasting my time!  Just kidding. I love school, but in school I have many friends and have fun ofc. I have 1 sister, 1 brother, all is older than me. I don't have mom, I have only dad but... okey sorry I don't wanna tell that, but I'm still happy. I don't have job in real life I'm still kid, so I don't have any. I don't know what I want be in future.. ^.^, professional player I'm not professional player but I know play games  Not many but I don't have too much games to play and time.  Skills, can say football I play good, I'm playing as goalkeeper. Now i can't train football but my dog eat my last ball :{
Hmm, what about favorite things ?
FAVORITE FOOD: Not pizza, Very Happy grilled meat.[/b].

Why you want join to this clan?: I'm type of people who like team work, so I like Team Works :}
I like this clan, I like this members in this clan, I like color, I like community, I like all on this clan. NICE CLAN:)
I remember this clan, I want join, and with new players.
Clan it's not vulgar, not racist, and players is too very good ( Sometimes ;D But it's okey. )
I wanna help, with wins, skills, oshunters, hunters, and all, so why not?
It's very good clan, and when I have chance in this clan, I want really join.

So guys, that's all. Sorry for my English but i'm not accustomed to use English..
I really join to this clan! Smile



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nice Re: Join Resquest - JR^- def ..

Post by Chipmunk on Wed Jul 19, 2017 6:10 pm

I think we can accept he play rly good.


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