Vote system 1.1 + instant (not) accept

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nice Vote system 1.1 + instant (not) accept

Post by Petabyte on Mon Apr 03, 2017 5:03 pm

Vote System of join request

Its allowed all members to vote.
The vote point of a Member is +/-1.
The vote point of a Cl/Acl is +/-2.
The Member needs 5Points to join.
If a Member has another mind than a Cl/Acl, and vote with another opinon, then the vote point of a Cl/Acl is +/-1. This is a veto which a member always can use.
The join request has to run at least 2days.
If the join request gets one or more disagres, the request has to run 5days.
If the request doesnt get 6points after the 5days, the request is declined.
If the Request has -5Points, the request is declined.

Why has a Cl/Acl more points?
To accept or decline the request faster, but the members always have the veto.

You vote with a yes or no.

The Clan Leader has the right to instant accept or not accept a Request.

Because the forum isnt activ in use of the members.
This is a temporary right of the Clan Leader, until the forum is activ in use.


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